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Jason Maunsell has been in the trucking industry for 23 years, after starting his own business in 1998. Maunsell knew he wanted to work in the trucking industry from a young age; having grown up on a farm in the Strathmore area, he had always wanted to spend his life working outside. After watching his father’s success in the trucking industry, he realized that equipment and trucking was the perfect job for him.

At age 18, after graduating high school, Maunsell worked and saved up until he could afford to buy his own truck. The business started out with just Maunsell and a dump truck, but it slowly grew to include big rigs, grain trailers, tractors, and more, including extra employees to help him out.

Our Mission & Approach

Now, Maunsell lives on the family farm with his wife and 3 children, and is proud of how far his business has grown after years of hard work and dedication. He has all the equipment to take on any job, is truly passionate about his work; he loves nothing quite as much as a satisfied customer and a job well done.

Maunsell’s top priority, aside from providing quality work, is being honest with his customers. It’s important for them to know exactly what work is required for the service they need, from the labour, to the equipment, down to the cost. With his incredible knowledge and reliable work, his customers can always feel confident in his service.

Message from the owner

Hi, I’m Jason, owner of Jason Maunsell Enterprises. For me, this isn’t just a business, but a community that I’ve worked hard to grow. One of the things I value the most is the happiness and trust of those I work with, which is why I dedicate a good amount of time to getting to know my clients and business partners. I strongly value integrity, and will always be honest with my customers about what they’re getting for what they’re paying. I’m always happy to meet new clients and start new jobs, so if there is any project I can help you with, don’t hesitate to give me a call. You can trust that I will always leave you with a friendly smile and a job well done.

Jason Maunsell

Jason Maunsell


What Our Clients Say

“I’ve known Jason for a long time. There is nothing he can’t move or build. He’s a very hard working, professional, and always cares about getting it right!”

- Brad Walls

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